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Chopped Cellulose Material Flow Test

Keep materials flowing, and your process going, with the AirSweep® System! It is the best pneumatic flow aid for any kind of material, including flakes, fibers, powders and granules. This includes cellulose flakes, which is used in many industries.

Cellulose Flakes: Applications

Cellulose is used to make paper and card stock, and textiles like cotton, linen and rayon.

Cellulose is also widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Powdered cellulose can prevent caking, and is found in spice mixes, flavored drinks and grated cheese. However, cellulose can exhibit other useful properties when mixed with water. It becomes a gel, which can thicken and stabilizes products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream and sauces. It is frequently found in health food or diet food, because it adds bulk and fiber content without affecting flavor or adding calories. Cellulose derivatives like MCC are used in medicine tablets.

Cellulose can also be processed into filter material, electrical insulation paper used in transformers and cables, and even an eco-friendly, water/fire-resistant alternative to plastic.

AirSweep:The Proof is in the Flow

AirSweep is the only pneumatic flow aid that can handle any form of cellulose—whether it’s a fine powder, or a moist gel. Watch our AirSweep® Cellulose Material Flow Test, or how it works on similar materials like resin flakes and wax flakes.