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Pneumatic Flow Aids: AirSweep vs Air Fluidizer

Many solids will cake, pack or agglomerate when they’re under pressure. This causes funnel flow problems like ratholing, flooding and segregation. Aside from delaying production, these can affect batch uniformity and quality.

Pneumatic Flow Aids: Compare Power and Efficiency

Pneumatic flow aids like air blasters, air pads, and air fluidizers can break apart the condensed material to get it moving again. However, most of these flow aids release very light, localized bursts of air. This is effective for a smaller radius, and only for aery materials like flour.

AirSweep® is the most powerful pneumatic flow aid. It can be used on moist, dense and bulky materials and has a wider activation radius.

See the difference yourself!

This video shows a side-by-side comparison of AirSweep® with a rubber fluidizing disk. For demonstration purposes, we used hex nuts. However, for real applications, you can view material flow videos or read case studies where AirSweep® was used on rocks, resins and flakes, whey, liquid cheese and other bulk solids.

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