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How to Replace AirSweep Parts for Preventative Maintenance

The AirSweep system is built to last, and will probably be running long after you retire. It just needs regular preventative maintenance. Some parts will need to be replaced periodically to ensure smooth, on-demand flow. These regular “tune-ups” do not require plant shutdowns, expensive equipment, or extensive technical training.

This video will show you the basics of routine preventative maintenance for your AirSweep® or any pneumatic flow aid with similar components.

What is preventative maintenance?

Routine preventative maintenance is a fairly simple concept. It just means choosing a service interval to change out certain parts in the flow aid system in order to prevent big problems from occurring. This includes the solenoid valves and the AirSweep nozzles.

Why do you need preventative maintenance?

Flow aid systems operate in very hot, dusty environments. After thousands of cycles in these difficult conditions, parts can wear down – affecting performance and energy efficiency. Eventually, this can lead to equipment failure, downtime, or possible safety hazards.

What tools do you need?

AirSweep is designed for easily installation and maintenance. Since it is mounted outside the vessel, you can quickly access and replace the parts. You don’t even need to disconnect it from the AirSweep or the air supply; just turn off the power and depressurize the system.

As for tools, all you need is a screwdriver, a power drill or a socket wrench, and the AirSweep replacement kit.

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions

Paul the AirSweep guy walks you through the entire process of replacing the solenoid valve.
Contact us if you have any other questions, or concerns about your AirSweep’s performance. We’ll be happy to help!