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Control Concepts’ material handling systems keep materials flowing and operations moving in process applications worldwide. Control Concepts is a privately-owned manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, CT, with an additional facility in Weare, NH. We have been manufacturing and selling our branded products for over 67 years. Our product lines include AirSweep® Systems, DAZIC® and RotoGuard® Speed Switches and AcoustiClean® Sonic Horns. We pride ourselves in the high-quality products we create, excellent customer service and our long-standing relationships with customers.

Henry D. Tiffany, III – President htiffany@ControlConceptsUSA.com

Control Concepts’ origins date back to 1951 in Putnam, Connecticut. It started as Winterburn Manufacturing by Robert W. Randall and named after his father-in-law who invented our Zero Speed Switch. Bob later renamed the company DAZIC Controls Corporation based on an acronym created to describe the product – Direction And Zero Indicating Contactors. In 1993, two life-long friends, John Morgan and Henry Tiffany, purchased the DAZIC Controls Corporation from Bob Randall and renamed it Control Concepts and moved to the Putnam location in 1999. 26 years after the purchase, we still receive orders from long-time customers referring to the DAZIC switch. In 2019, Control Concepts moved to its current facility in Brooklyn, CT.

Control Concepts has expanded over the years through various company and product acquisitions including the RotoGuard Switch from Bindicator®, Inc., AirSweep Systems from Myrlen Inc., and AcoustiClean Sonic Horns. Our AcoustiClean line of sonic horns is fashioned after one of the most successful and widely used designs developed by Jeff Shelton, his brother Jake and their dad who formed the Drayton Corporation many decades ago. We developed the AcoustiClean horn in response to our manufacturer’s rep need for this well designed solution. The AirSweep System was purchased from Paul Rose’s Myrlen Corporation in 2009. At the same time, Paul also joined Control Concepts as Director of Sales. The AirSweep System was invented by Paul’s father, Leonard. Under Paul’s leadership, many improvements and additional models have been added to the AirSweep line including sanitary-style and USDA-Accepted versions.

Our AirSweep® Systems provide on-demand flow of even the toughest materials by eliminating bridging, ratholes and buildup in any vessel or chute.

DAZIC® and RotoGuard® Zero Speed Switches indicate or monitor the rotary motion when attached to process equipment. They are ideal for conveyors and other shaft-driven process components.

AcoustiClean® Sonic Horns produce low frequency, high volume sound vibrations to mobilize dry materials and prevent costly build-up.

All of Control Concepts’ products are manufactured in the USA!

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