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Sugar Beet Shreds Material Flow Test

All industries need reliable material flow to ensure productivity and product quality. However, the food industry has particularly strict standards – not only because of strict industry regulations but the type of materials that it works with.

Many food materials have challenging flow properties and can become moist and compact during storage and handling. This material flow test shows how sugar beet shreds have plugged the hopper outlet. Even when the discharge was opened, it refused to flow even if the hopper was tapped with a rubber mallet.

AirSweep resolves material blocks and produces on-demand, first-in/first-out flow. The units are also positioned at key areas and pulsed in a sequence to move material in a reliable, cost-efficient way. For example, positioning some of the units near the bottom of the outlet can help start the initial flow of blocked material. 

The AirSweep team tailors each installation according to the material, vessel, and process. Read more about how it is used in different food applications.