Close up on ice cream making tools

5 Videos That Prove That AirSweep Works On the Toughest Materials

Do you work with a bulk material that tends to clump, settle, or stick to your vessel walls? Does the poor flow cause hours of downtime or affect the quality of your product? Have you tried other flow aids but still ended up manually clearing out the material blocks? Learn how to improve material handling […]

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small piles of extracted rare earth minerals

Processing Mined Materials: Challenges and Solutions

Mined materials are used in almost all industries, from construction to consumer goods. However, these materials can be challenging to move and process because of their physical and chemical properties. Let’s take a closer look at the common problems that can occur while processing mined materials, and how we can help. Types of Mined Materials […]

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Tooth wheel mechanism with efficiency, speed, and cost engraved.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Material Handling–and How AirSweep Can Help

The Hidden Costs of Poor Material Handling–and How AirSweep Can Help Bridging, ratholing and other material blocks can have a huge impact on your bottom line. When material doesn’t flow, production stalls and you spend time and money fixing the problem. You also compromise your product safety and quality–and even your business reputation. That’s why […]

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Corn grain transmitting into bein with flow aids

The Complete Guide to Flow Aids

All industries need reliable material flow to maintain productivity and product integrity. Any material blocks–like settling of powders in storage, or material bridging in a hopper–cause delays and extra costs. Unfortunately, most bulk materials will not flow properly without some kind of intervention. This complete guide to flow aids will tackle: What is a flow […]

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Conveyor Belt Speed Sensor on a production line

Safety and Production Issues? Signs You Need a Conveyor Belt Speed Sensor

Barnes Concrete Co., a manufacturer of ready-mix concrete, handles tons of bulk material a day. They have 12 mixers, with feeders loading up to 250 tons of gravel an hour. Any equipment malfunction would lead to an avalanche of bulk material which could injure workers and delay production for days. Plant supervisor Joe Kruzewski estimates […]

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Food production in the food industry

3 Ways AirSweep is Used in the Food Industry

Material handling efficiency is important for every industry, but it is especially important for companies that work with food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and pet food. These industries work with materials that can spoil and put millions of users at risk for poisoning and other health risks. They also need to make sure that materials […]

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hard hat and other protect equipment for material handling

How to Improve Material Handling Safety: 7 Best Practices for a Safer Work Environment

Material handling can present various safety challenges, including worker injury, exposure to toxic chemicals, flammable environments, and material spills. It’s important to implement safety protocols to prevent health hazards and meet industry regulations. Read how to improve material handling safety in all plant operations. Regular Training and Refresher Courses Training is the bedrock of any […]

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Ketchup in a factory getting packaged

How to Prevent Bridging in Material Hoppers (aka The Ketchup Effect)

Have you ever struggled to get ketchup or any thick sauce out of a bottle? That’s the same issue that production facilities face when they try to move solids or powders through material hoppers. The material gets stuck, and production stops. Unlike liquids, bulk solids and powders will not flow readily without intervention. Even some […]

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Question mark made of bulk materials

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Flow Aid

Poor material flow slows down production, compromises product quality and consistency, and can even create workplace safety hazards. That’s why many industries turn to flow aids to move material consistently and reliably. Flow aids are bulk solid handling equipment that stimulate or improve the movement of material. They prevent bridging, ratholing, clogging, or material residue […]

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hand in hopper with material experiencing problems

Bridging, Ratholing, and Other Problems In Material Handling

All manufacturing processes need efficient material flow for smooth operations and cost-efficiency. Sluggish and inconsistent flow can cause production delays and compromise product quality and safety. For example, in the food and pharmaceutical industry, stagnant material can cause cross-contamination between different materials or batches. This can lead to the presence of foreign substances, allergens, or […]

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