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AirSweep Installation Tutorial: Attaching the MF-51 Mounting Flange

The VA-51 AirSweep can help provide on-demand material flow in large bins, silos, hoppers, chutes, mixers, and other vessels and equipment. It is installed outside the vessel wall, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This video demonstrates how to attach the part no. MF-51 mounting flange to the vessel wall.

Basic Steps

1. Position flange on the wall surface. Mark the hole for AirSweep and the bolt circle layout.

2. Drill or cut the hole.

3. Fasten flange to wall by bolting.

4. Apply the anti-seize compound to the front-threaded section of the AirSweep. Thread the AirSweep into position, so that the front of the AirSweep body is aligned with the inside wall of vessel. This will properly position piston head within the vessel.

5. After the AirSweep is correctly positioned, tighten the lock nut against the flange to keep the AirSweep in position.

Watch the tutorial

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