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Sawdust Material Flow Test

AirSweep® is the best pneumatic flow aid for powders and bulk solids. It releases high-pressure, high-volume air pulses that sweep material back into the flow stream. Unlike hammers, vibrators and air cannons, it does not cause metal fatigue that can damage the vessel. In this material flow test, we demonstrate AirSweep’s effectiveness on sawdust.

The Setup

The sawdust was poured into a hopper, in a plant with humidity levels of 50%. The material already showed signs of clumping together while it was being handled.

The AirSweep System

Four AirSweep VA-06 units, placed 90 degrees apart

The Results

A camera placed inside the hopper revealed how quickly the AirSweep swept the vessel clean. The hopper material was flushed in less than 10 seconds. The dust-tight nozzle design also prevented any material feedback, so none of the sawdust entered the pipes or the valves.