Control Concepts products are used in a wide array of industries, on a variety of equipment, and keep diverse products flowing through process systems. We consider every material and application unique, and engineer a system designed for a customer’s specific operation.


Industry Material or Equipment Case Study (PDF)
Asphalt Manufacturing Asphalt Airsweep-asphalt-bmh-case-study.pdf
Pet Food Processing Dry Mix Bins Dry_Mix_Bins_Case_Study-Pet_Food_Processing.pdf
Food Processing Flush Ribbon Blender Flush_Ribbon_Blender_Case_Study-Food_Processing_Industry.pdf
Cement Fly Ash Fly Ash Case Study Cement Industry
Cement Moist Sand Moist_Sand_Case_Study-Cement_Industry.pdf
Chemical Titanium Dioxide Titanium_Dioxide_Case_Study-Paint_Coatings_Industry.pdf
Utility Dry Sorbent Injection System Dry_Sorbent_Injection_Case_Study-Utility_Industry.pdf
Utility Bituminous Coal Bituminous-Coal-Case-History_Utility_Chute.pdf
Minerals Processing Alumina-based Industrial Minerals Airsweep-industrial-minerals-processing-case-study.pdf
Cement Manufacturing Shale Cement-shale-silo-clog-airsweep-case-study.pdf
Food Processing Whey Airsweep-usda-whey-food-processing-case-study.pdf
Food Processing Flax Airsweep-Flax4life-case-study.pdf
Food Processing Rice Bran Airsweep-Bunge-case-study.pdf


Industry Material or Equipment Case Study (PDF)
Transportation Railcars – Granulated Sugar Granulated_Sugar_Case_History_AcoustiClean.pdf
Building Materials Wood AcoustiClean Sonic Horns vs Soot Blowers Case Study

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