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Bentonite Material Flow Test

The AirSweep® System guarantees on-demand flow for any kind of material. The powerful air pulses are able to cut through tough materials that have a high moisture content. One good example is bentonite.

Bentonite: Applications

Bentonite is a special clay made from volcanic ash. It’s highly absorbent and is used in many industries as a binding, thickening, or purifying agent.

  • Metal production. Bentonite helps prepare molding sand for the production of iron and steel, or are used as a binding agent for production of iron ore pellets
  • Construction. Bentonite is used as a lubricant in diaphragm walls, and in the production of Portland cement and mortars. It is also added as a sealing material.
  • Food processing. It is used to remove impurities from edible oils like soya, palm and canola. It is also used as a clarification agent for beer, mineral water, sugar, and honey.
  • Agriculture. Bentonite is often used as a pelletizing agent in animal feed production, or a porous carrier for herbicides and pesticides.
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Bentonite clay is a popular ingredient for detox masks and cleansers, or added as a filler to create pastes in creams, lotions, and face creams.
  • Household. Bentonite draws out impurities in solvents used to make laundry detergents, soaps, and fabric softeners.


Bentonite is prone to bridging, arching and clumping, especially in moist or humid conditions. Pneumatic flow aids like AirSweep break through material blocks in seconds. Our Bentonite material flow test shows how a vessel becomes completely clean after just a few Airsweep air pulses.