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Acetate Flakes Material Flow Test

The AirSweep System guarantees on-demand flow for any kind of material, including flakes, fibers, powders and granules. This includes acetate flakes, which are used in several industries to make anything from designer clothes to cigarette filters.

Acetate Flakes: Applications

Acetate flakes (or cellulose acetate flakes) is a bio-degradable, renewable material made from wood pulp. It is primarily used to make textiles, since it is easy to dye, hypoallergenic, breathable, and can be combined with other kinds of cloth fibers. It is also converted into filter media like cigarette filter tows, personal hygiene products, and surgical products. Some pharmaceuticals use acetate flakes as fillers and stabilizers. Acetate fibers are also processed into high-quality polymers for automobile parts, toys, tools, writing pens, and eyeglass frames. It can be flattened into sheets to make specialty papers and films, and 3D printing materials.

AirSweep:The Proof is in the Flow

As acetate flakes are mixed with other materials, or processed into its final form, it can clog in vessels and slow down production. Pneumatic flow aids like AirSweep break through material blocks in seconds. Our acetate material flow test shows how a vessel becomes completely clean after just a few Airsweep air pulses. Watch our AirSweep Acetate Material Flow Test, or how it works on other fibers and raw materials.