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AirSweep Activation Radius Test: Damp Sand

AirSweep® air nozzles direct high-pressure air pulses that cut through bridging, ratholing and other material blocks. No other pneumatic flow aid has this kind of power and efficiency—especially for tough materials like sand.

Fluidizers use a rubber disk that gently vibrates to activate the surrounding material. However, it is only effective on light, powdery materials. In contrast, this material activation test shows how AirSweep® easily and efficiently clears 25 pounds of damp sand.

AirSweep: The Best Pneumatic Flow Aid for Sand

Sand and silica are used to make cement and concrete, abrasives and absorbents, ceramics and glass, chemicals, electronics, metal castings, industrial paints, and synthetic fiber. About 65% to 85% of concrete mixes is made up of sand and sand aggregates. Global scarcity of natural sand has also led to manufactured sand, made by crushing rocks or quarry stones.

Whether your factory uses sand or manufacture it as a raw material, AirSweep guarantees smooth flow and efficient production.The proof is in the flow—watch the video!