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Dried Distillers Grain Material Flow Test

Dried distillers grain and many other materials have a tendency to draw moisture and clump together in storage. This can make it very difficult to move the material, which affects productivity and even the material’s integrity and safety.

AirSweep is particularly effective for damp materials that have a tendency to clump, bridge, or rathole. In this material flow test, the dried distillers grain was mixed with one cup of water, packed down, and left in the hopper for five days. By then, it had formed clumps and begun to adhere to itself.

AirSweep resolved all of these material blocks – breaking up the clumps and flushing all the dried distiller’s grain out of the hopper. It is the proven solution for tough flow problems.

For very difficult materials that sit in the hopper for long periods of time, AirSweep standard units can also be combined with the AirSweep straight shooter, which emits a concentrated column of air.