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Moist Cornstarch Material Flow Test

AirSweep is the best pneumatic flow aid for bulk powders with a high moisture content. It releases high-pressure, high-volume, 360 ° bursts of air that prevent material blocks and guarantee smooth material flow. It is effective even for tough materials like cornstarch, which can become very viscous and prone to bridging and ratholing.

Cornstarch: Applications

Cornstarch is both a final product and a raw material for sauces, gravies, custard, and other liquid-based foods. It can be used as an anti-caking agent, or as an additive that helps lower production costs (ex: cheese and yogurt).

Cornstarch is also used in non-culinary industries to make anything from airbags to adhesives, bioplastics to natural latex products like condoms and medical gloves. Other products may use its absorption capabilities to carry a difficult ingredient.


Cornstarch’s absorbent property has many industrial applications, but it also makes it more challenging to work with. Moist cornstarch can clump or cling to vessel walls.

Pneumatic flow aids like AirSweep® break through material blocks to prevent bridging, arching and ratholing. The continuous, on-demand flow protects batch uniformity and ensures continuous production.

Watch the AirSweep material flow test to see how quickly the air pulses clear a bin filled with damp cornstarch. The proof is in the flow!