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AirSweep USDA Material Activation Test

AirSweep USDA-accepted models are ideal for any process that requires sanitary equipment or frequent cleaning. The nozzles release powerful air pulses that lifts stalled material, then automatically reseals after each pulse to prevent material feedback. No cross-contamination, no messy clean-ups—just clean, continuous, on-demand flow.

Tough on Material Blocks, Gentle on Vessels, Safe for Food

This video demonstrates the power and efficiency of AirSweep pneumatic flow aids. Each pulse clears shows the activation radius of each pulse, as it pushes damp sand several inches from on all sides. Unlike air knockers and hammers, it does not dent the vessel or cause wear and tear. And unlike fluidizers, it can handle heavy, damp and dense materials.

The AirSweep USDA 185 used in this video was designed and fabricated according to sanitary design principles. It is made of high-grade stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion from strong cleaning or sanitizing chemicals.

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