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Wax Flakes Material Flow Test

Thousands of companies around the world use the AirSweep® system to solve tough flow problems. It uses high-pressure, high-volume air pulses to sweep stalled material back into the flow stream. It does not damage vessels like industrial vibrators, air cannons or hammers. And unlike rubber fluidizing discs, it is powerful enough to work with even moist, sticky or heavy materials.

This material flow test shows AirSweep’s effectivity on wax flakes and other materials that are prone to clumping, bridging, arching or ratholing.

Wax Applications

Wax is used in several industries. It is added to fertilizer to prevent caking, coat food like cheese, or added to pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. It is sometimes used to insulate rubber and the wiring in electrical appliances.


Watch the video to see proof of how the AirSweep system can be used to prevent on-demand flow of wax flakes.