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Organic Natural Fiber Blends Material Flow Test

Natural fibers are a cost-effective, abundant and often environmentally-friendly material with various industrial and commercial applications. However, they have a tendency to clump together and cause arching, bridging and ratholing issues. AirSweep can help guarantee smooth, on-demand flow of natural fibers.

Natural fibers: Applications

Natural fibers can either be derived from plants (like cotton, jute, flax, bamboo, hemp or abaca) or manufactured from cellulose fibers (like viscose rayon or cellulose acetate).

They are used to make fabric, processed into construction materials like partition panels or roof tiles, or used in furniture and car interiors. Geo-textiles are also used to prevent soil erosion and improve composites. Other applications include insulation materials, packaging, and environmentally-friendly products.


This material flow test shows natural fibers that have become clumped and compacted. Hammering frees barely any material, but in a few seconds, AirSweep flushes the vessel completely clean.