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USDA Accepted

USDA Accepted AirSweep® Systems

  • Cleans interior surfaces
  • Eliminates ratholes, bridging & material buildup

Ideal for applications requiring sanitary equipment or frequent cleaning.

  • Designed and fabricated according to sound sanitary design principles
  • Flanged connections for quick installation or removal from mounting and process connections
  • Quick and easy removal/disassembly with simple hand tools
  • All surfaces resistant to corrosive products and cleaning/sanitizing chemicals
  • Manufactured from high-grade 316 Stainless
  • Steel for long service life
  • Energy efficient – uses plant air

AirSweep® standard materials of construction include:

Carbon Steel • 304 Stainless Steel • 316 Stainless Steel
Other materials available upon request.

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Easily retrofits to spray dryers, mixers, silos, hoppers, ducts, blenders, troughs, sifters, chutes, cyclones or ANY bulk powder process requiring sanitary equipment.

Cleans interior vessel walls and is highly effective for flushing material from mixers, blenders, cyclones and spray dryers

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USDA-Accepted Performance (per unit)*
Model Material Activation Dia. Approx. Air Consumption*
USDA-135 4 feet (1.22 m) 0.75 scf @ 80 psi
USDA-185 6 feet (1.83 m) 2.2 scf @ 90 psi
*Average in 75 lb/ft3 material; 250 milliseconds air pulse.

Benefits of an AirSweep® System:

  • Patented valve design utilizes only one moving part, ensuring an immediate reseal after each pulse to prevent clogging and material build-up.
  • Each pulse activates material up to an 8 foot radius for a first-in, first-out controlled flow, facilitating use of full bin capacity.
  • Reduces flushing/cleaning time between product runs and improves batch uniformity.
  • System is mounted on the outside of the vessel for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Energy efficient – uses plant air.
  • No damage, vibration, stress or wear to container walls. Mount to metal, concrete, fiberglass or wood vessels.
  • Manufactured from high grade steel for long service life.

Total AirSweep® System

A total AirSweep® material activation system consists of strategically-located AirSweeps, high-flow solenoid valves, electronic sequence controller and an air receiver.

The average AirSweep® System uses less than 10 cfm of compressed air or gas making it energy and cost efficient.

No damage, vibration, stress or wear to container walls.

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