Airsweep® Competitive Analysis

AIRSWEEP® Competitive Analysis

AirSweep Material Flow System eliminates bridging, ratholes and material build-up.

AirSweep is more cost-efficient than other material flow aids. You increase material flow while lowering overhead costs.

  • Save energy. Uses less electricity and plant air
  • Lower material waste. No trapped, contaminated or spoiled material
  • Eliminate plant shutdowns. No need to hammer or manually flush the vessels
  • Zero machine damage. Works even on thin vessels!
  • Seven-year warranty

Vibrators vs. Airsweep

Vibrators condense damp or moist materials and worsen material blocks. Many companies switched to AirSweep because vibrators didn’t work.


FLUIDIZERS vs. Airsweep

Fluidizers have less power, smaller activation area, need more accessories and consume more energy. Is it really the “cheaper” flow aid?


Air Knockers vs. Airsweep

Air knockers induce vibration energy to shake material free. But they use a lot of electricity, damage the vessel, and still leave material residue on the vessel walls.


Air Cannons vs. Airsweep

Air cannons blast holes through material blocks, but they don’t create on-demand, first in/first out flow. They consume a lot of electricity, cause significant vessel damage, and are NOISY.


Other Flow Aids vs Airsweep


The True ROI of Flow Aids

Airsweep® Competitive Analysis

A good flow aid boils down to two things: will it work, and how much will it cost to operate it? AirSweep is proven effective for all materials and has helped companies save thousands of dollars from factory downtime, material waste, energy use, and maintenance. One client even said, “In two weeks, the AirSweep paid for itself!”

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