Dazic speed switches detect when your machine fails, and pauses material handling processes to prevent costly and time-consuming material pileup.

DAZIC zero speed switches prevent pileup and protect your equipment.

DAZIC’s electromechanical, electronic and inductive proximity speed switches can let you know if equipment is running too fast, too slow, or not at all.

These “smart switches” can be used on any equipment that’s part of a conveyor system or other shaft-driven process components. The switches can be interlocked into your material handling system to stop operations when a machine slows down, stops, or deviates from standard operating parameters that you’ve set.

  • Effective

    DAZIC Zero Speed Switches can detect changes in motion ranging from 0.5 RPM up to 2000 RPM.

  • High Quality

    Our switches are made from aluminum or cast iron and are manufactured in the USA.

  • Durable

    Our switches are resistant to dust, rain, hose-directed water, and corrosion. Explosion-proof models are also available if your material handling system is within hazardous environments.

Dazic® Speed Switch Models


Speed switches are attached to rotating shafts to detect any abnormal change in rotation speed. These shafts are found in many types of material handling systems including plant machinery, from conveyor belts to rock crushers.

DAZIC Zero Speed Switches contain small metal flags or magnets mounted on a disc or pulsar wrap, which generates pulses as it passes through the probe’s electromagnetic field. These pulses are proportional to the shaft’s rotations per minute. 

This simple set-up helps detect any speed changes. If the switch detects that the RPM does not match the speed trip-points you’ve set, a corresponding relay de-energizes and triggers an alarm.

Choose the best zero speed switch for your process and factory conditions

The DAZIC zero speed switch models differ in terms of:

  • shaft input speeds
  • set trip-point
  • housing material
  • mounting styles
  • electrical wiring options
  • operating temperature range
  • field adjustability
  • contact type

To know more about DAZIC Zero Speed Switches and which ones will fit your company’s needs all you need to do is to fill out our Application Data Sheet. Once submitted, one of our Sales Engineers will contact you with their recommendations. It’s that easy!

You can also learn more about DAZIC Zero Speed Switches by checking out our case studies.

A schematic diagram of how a speed switch works,

Zero Speed Switches should be mounted to idler pulleys or tail shaft to sense the machinery’s operation.


If one machine in your material handling conveyor system malfunctions, DAZIC Zero Speed switches can shut off the system to prevent further damage and delays — lessening the production headache and cost of expensive repairs.

Electromechanical Speed SwitchesElectronic Speed SwitchProximity Switches
2100 Series4100 Series8100 SeriesExplosion ProofRotoGuard® IVPROX-MICRO
Operating Range: 4 to 2000 RPMOperating Range: 4 to 1800 RPMOperating Range: 0.5 to 25 RPM Ideal for hazardous locationsIdeal for hazardous locationsOperating Range: 1 to 400 RPMField-adjustable and microcontrolled

Need assistance choosing the appropriate speed switch? Fill out the Application Data Sheet and a Sales Engineer will help determine which switch is right for your specific application.

DAZIC Zero Speed Switches can be installed in the production line of many industries. Some of the world’s biggest companies use our speed switches for smoother, safer and more efficient plant operations.

  • Grain, Feed & Milling
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • General Manufacturing
  • Ethanol/Biofuels Processing
  • Sugar Processing
  • Packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Textile Production
  • Mining
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Water Utilities
  • Wastewater

Control Concepts, Inc. provides a
3-year warranty on the DAZIC® unit.

DAZIC® Speed Switch Accessories

Dazic speed switch installation accessories

The DAZIC zero speed switches must be properly mounted and aligned to avoid putting extra load on DAZIC bearings to ensure that it performs optimally and prevent any premature failures. 

We recommend using installation accessories such as Mounting Brackets and K-Couplings to provide a secure foundation and eliminate misalignment connection problems.


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