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Cedar Wood Chips Material Flow Test

Cedar wood chips, a byproduct of the wood industry, are often used in gardening, mulching, smoking meats, and making crafts. It is very light and has a tendency to clump when it is stored or processed.

Wood Chips respond to aeration, but fluidizers don’t have enough power to break apart clumps. It needs a powerful pneumatic flow aid like AirSweep.

In this material flow test, a hopper was filled with .668 cubic feet of cedar wood chips. Four AirSweep VA-06 units were strategically installed at various points of the vessel and set to pulse every four seconds.

At the start of the test, the material was allowed to flow “naturally” without the use of any flow aid. It fell in slow clumps and, in time, would have clogged the discharge completely.

Once the AirSweep units were turned on, it took just a few pulses to move the material completely out of the vessel.

AirSweep is the most effective flow aid for cedar wood chips and other fibrous materials like pine wood chips and powdered hemp.