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Pine Wood Chips Material Flow Test

Pine wood chips (PWC) are used for making paper and composite wood products and are a sustainable source of biofuels. However, it has challenging flow properties and needs a reliable flow aid to prevent material blocks.

This material flow test demonstrates AirSweep’s efficiency and control. At the start of the test, a hopper was filled with half a cubic foot of PWC. The hopper had a 28” diameter and a 4” diameter outlet.

Four AirSweep VA-06 units were installed on the vessel and were programmed to release short air pulses every three seconds.

Without the use of any flow aid, the PWC dropped in slow clumps through the discharge. But from the moment the AirSweep unit released its first pulse, the material began to flow steadily until the hopper was completely emptied.

AirSweep is the most effective flow aid for pine wood chips and other fibrous materials like powdered hemp and organic natural fibers.