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Kaolin Material Flow Test

AirSweep is a powerful and versatile pneumatic flow aid that can be used for practically any kind of material, vessel and industry. It releases high pressure, high-volume, 360° bursts of compressed air that clears material blocks. In this material flow aid test, we demonstrate its effectivity on extruded kaolin.

Kaolin: Applications

Kaolin is a key component in the production of paper to plastics, cosmetics to crayons, adhesives to adsorbents. Here is how it is used by major industries:

Paper. Coats the surface and make it whiter and smoother, or make colors brighter and sharper.

Rubber compounds. Kaolin is added to both natural and synthetic rubber products to add strength, abrasion resistance, and rigidity. It also costs less than other rubber pigments.

Ceramics. Kaolin helps make ceramic whitewares easier to mold, and adds dimensional stability, strength and smoothness. It is alsoused to make porcelain electrical insulators and refractory applications.

Plastics. Kaolin is added to thermosetting and thermoplastic mixes to improve appearance and smoothness, and dimensional stability.

Watch AirSweep Improve Kaolin Flow

The AirSweep VA-06 is the smallest model, with an activation radius of 2 to 3 inches. Watch how even the smallest AirSweep effectively clears material blocks.