Single Airsweep Solves Sand Flow Problem at Ready-Mix Plant

Instant flow of sand on demand!

A single Airsweep solved the sand flow problem at ready-mix plant, allowing trucks to fill faster and without delay.


Service Concrete is a ready-mix concrete plant in New Jersey. Moist sand was sticking and bridging above the pant-leg outlets of their bins. The build-up caused lengthy delays in batching and filling of their transit-mix trucks. Vibrators and manual jogging of gates were ineffective.


An AirSweep VA-51 was installed on the bin just above the pant-leg, coupled to a MCA-45T solenoid valve and a CBO 1-12 control box. Plant air was pumped through a header pipe. The system was connected to the batch control’s main panel, so the AirSweep pulses simultaneously fired as the gate opened.


Trucks are now filled without delay or additional labor, and move out on schedule. Says the happy customer: “Works Great! We no longer have to send a man up the ladder to poke the sand out.”

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