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Shredded Potato Material Flow Test

Potato flakes are a very light, dry material with very challenging flow properties. Without external activation, it tends to settle in the vessel and plug up the outlet. However, it breaks down into a fine powder if it is aggressively handled.

AirSweep is the best flow aid for this type of material. The nozzles release carefully timed, high-pressure air pulses that can move the potato flakes in seconds – without damaging the product consistency.

The material flow test demonstrates AirSweep’s efficiency and control. At the start of the test, the hopper was filled with 5 cubic feet of potato flakes. Note how the material did not flow even after the discharge was opened.

The vessel had one AirSweep unit installed 4 inches above the discharge. The material began to flow from the very first pulse until the vessel was completely emptied.