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Recycled PVC Plastic Material Flow Test

Recycled PVC plastic is 100% recyclable. It is a sustainable material with a lower carbon footprint than fresh raw materials.

However, recycled PVC plastic can have challenging flow properties. It is dry, lightweight and has a tendency to leave particles on all the surfaces that it touches.

AirSweep is the best flow aid for recycled materials. In this material flow test, a hopper was filled with approximately 0.668 cubic feet of recycled plastic. The material was compacted into the outlet with a 6×6 piece of wood.

Then, two AirSweep VA-06 units were activated. After just seven pulses, the AirSweep swept all the material out of the hopper.

While a thin layer remained because of the material’s stickiness, the flow test proves how AirSweep can effectively solve bridging, ratholing, and other stubborn material blocks. Check out our video library for more material flow test videos.