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PVC Powder Material Flow Test

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a versatile thermoplastic polymer that is used to make a variety of products. This includes pipes, tubes, roofing, flooring, cables, wires, bottles and other containers, and even shoes.

PVC powder can exhibit poor flow properties and may even form bridges or arches in storage or feeding equipment. AirSweep can resolve these issues – while using less plant air and energy than other flow aids.

In this material flow test, two AirSweep VA-06 units were installed on a hopper at approximately 4” and 10” above the outlet.

The hopper was then filled with 10 gallons or .267 cubic feet of material. Without the AirSweep, the material flowed slowly, dropping in clumps. Once the AirSweep units started to pulse, the flow dramatically increased.

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