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Powdered Rice Bran Material Flow Test

Material flow can be affected by humidity, the size of the vessel outlet, and the natural moisture and fat content of a material. For example, rice bran is high in fat and oil, and can be prone to clumping, bridging, arching and ratholing. Since rice bran has a shorter shelf life and can become rancid, it’s important to prevent these material blocks and get smooth, on-demand, first-in/first-out flow.

Rice Bran Applications

Rice bran is a byproduct of rice milling. Once considered “food waste”, it is now recognized for its high nutritional value and used as a sustainable functional ingredient. For example, rice bran lecithin (RBL) can be used as an alternative to soybean and sunflower lecithins in food and cosmetics. Rice bran wax is a superior binder of oils. Rice bran powder can be added to health food and supplements, or used as a natural treatment for gastro-intestinal problems, inflammation and more.


AirSweep is an effective flow aid for moist, heavy and sticky bulk powders. Watch the video to see how it works on rice bran powderçor read about how it helped a rice bran plant clear material blocks and lower factory stress.