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Plastic Regrind Material Flow Test

Plastic regrind is scrap material that can be reused to manufacture other products. These have gone through other processing methods, such as molding or extrusion, but have either been rejected or trimmed off.

Sources of Plastic Regrind

Rejected parts. Plastic pieces that failed to meet quality control standards (i.e, a leaking bottle lid) can be returned to the grinder and added back into the material feed

Extrusion process. Plastic tails and moils are trimmed, collected, and sent back to the grinder

Plastic Regrind Flow Issues

While plastic regrind is cost-effective, the heat history of processing and grinding may affect its physical, chemical and flow properties. It needs a powerful, reliable material activation system that can prevent bridging, arching and other material blocks.

AirSweep can help promote smooth, on-demand flow of plastic regrind and other bulk solids used for construction and manufacturing materials. Watch the plastic regrind material flow test.