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Peanut Oil Stock Material Flow Test

Many ingredients used in the food industry have a high oil or moisture content. This can lead to caking, arching, bridging and ratholing. It can also cling to vessel walls, which could lead to spoilage and cross-contamination. AirSweep can resolve these issues quickly and efficiently—as seen in this peanut oil material flow test.

The Setup

Peanuts oil stock was poured into a bin with a 4” diameter discharge. Humidity levels in the plant were 53%.

The AirSweep System

Four AirSweep VA-06 units, placed 90 degrees apart


The peanut oil stock was mixed with water, and then packed with a wooden block. Tests showed very sluggish material flow. The bin discharge was completely clogged, and hammering only released a few clumps.

The AirSweep system was switched on. The powerful air nozzles swept the peanut oil back into the flow stream, and in less than 20 seconds, the vessel was completely cleared of material.