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Fish Powder Material Flow Test

Most flow aids aren’t effective for heavy, moist materials. Rubber fluidizing discs only work for light powders, vibrators can actually pack and condense the material, and hammers and agitators do more damage on the vessel walls. However, this material flow test shows how AirSweep can swiftly and safely solve the problem.

The Setup

Fish meal powder was poured into a vessel with a 4” diameter discharge, in a plant with humidity levels of 40%. The material already showed signs of caking and sticking while it was being handled.

The AirSweep System

Four AirSweep VA-06 units, placed 90 degrees apart

Challenge # 1

We compared the effect of hammering the vessel and using an AirSweep. Hammers only released small clumps. The material plugged the vessel outlet, and there was sticky residue on the vessel walls. AirSweep swept the vessel completely clean in just a few pulses.

Challenge # 2

Water added to the fish meal mixture, turning it into a sticky paste. The AirSweep cleared the bin with less than 10 pulses.