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Diatomaceous Earth Material Flow Test

AirSweep is used in all industries around the world. It can handle almost any material, from very fine powders to heavy minerals. This includes diatomaceous earth, which is commercially used in several formats: granules, fine milled powders, and calcined flakes and pellets.

Diatomaceous Earth Applications

There are two kinds of diatomaceous earth: food-grade and filter-grade. Food-grade contains less than 2% silica and is typically used to prevent caking. Filter-grade is toxic when ingested, but has several commercial uses: a mild abrasive, an absorbent for liquids, a filler, a matting and stabilizing agent, and insulator.


Diatomaceous earth is highly absorbent, and is prone to material flow issues like bridging, ratholing, and caking. Watch AirSweep promote continuous, on-demand flow in this material test video.