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Corn Bran Fibre & Corn Germ Meal Material Flow Test

Food manufacturing plants often deal with powders and bulk materials that have a high tendency of packing, bridging, arching and ratholing. What kind of flow aid can break material blocks and promote first-in/first-out flow, to prevent delays and food spoiling issues?

AirSweep pneumatic flow aids are especially effective for material blocks for problematic flow issues in the food industry—as proven in this Material Flow test for Corn Bran Fiber and Defatted Corn Germ Meal.

Corn Bran / Corn Meal: Applications

Corn bran and defatted corn germ meal are used in many baked goods, processed meats, dairy products, and condiments. It is added as a flour substitute or fat mimetic, or to increase the product’s fiber content. It is often mixed with other flours and milk proteins.

AirSweep USDA-accepted Flow Aids

The AirSweep USDA models are engineered to meet the strict safety and sanitation standards that food plants must follow. The powerful bursts of air break through material blocks and ensure continuous on-demand flow. The nozzles shut close after each pulse to prevent material feedback and contamination.

AirSweep is safe…. and powerful. See it for yourself with the Corn Bran and Corn Meal material flow test. You can also read how AirSweep helped an agribusiness company used the AirSweep to improve their bulk bag filling system.