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Recycled Carpet Material Flow Test

The AirSweep system uses powerful air pulses to break apart material blocks without damaging the vessel. This has many practical applications in the plant, from improving material flow to cleaning bins, chutes and ducts of any debris.

This video shows how AirSweep can be used to clean dirty air ducts (represented by a 21” x 33” diameter oval drum). One AirSweep VA-06 unit was centered at the bottom. The drum was filled with recycled carpet materials, which have a tendency to stick together 

To collect the dust, a vacuum was set at 179 CFM.

Without the AirSweep, the dust particles clumped or settled along the vessel walls. This would eventually block the air duct.

The AirSweep breaks the clumps and sweeps the dust back into the flow stream.  

Contact us to find out more about how the AirSweep can be integrated into your plant for better flow and faster cleaning.