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AirSweep Return on Investment (ROI)

Bridging, ratholing, and other material flow problems can lower productivity, increase costs, and even cause safety hazards.

Inefficient flow aids can also use more energy and are harder to maintain – costing more money in the long run.

That’s why many companies switched to AirSweep. They saw it was more powerful, cost-effective, and easier to maintain—for a higher return on investment.

Find out what AirSweep can do for your material flow, and your overall business efficiency and profit, with this video on the AirSweep return on investment (ROI). You will learn about:

  • Production savings and the true cost of downtime
  • Energy savings from electricity and plant air
  • Maintenance savings from vessel damage, and cleaning and flushing costs

To calculate your AirSweep ROI, contact our sales team ( for more information.