5 Videos That Prove That AirSweep Works On the Toughest Materials

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Do you work with a bulk material that tends to clump, settle, or stick to your vessel walls? Does the poor flow cause hours of downtime or affect the quality of your product? Have you tried other flow aids but still ended up manually clearing out the material blocks?

Learn how to improve material handling quickly and efficiently. AirSweep is a pneumatic flow aid that works on the toughest materials and uses less energy and plant air than other flow aids. It is used in all industries and is installed in thousands of plants around the world.

How does AirSweep work?

AirSweep releases high-pressure bursts of air that dislodges material and sweeps it back into the flow stream. 

The AirSweep units are strategically positioned around the vessel and then programmed to release bursts of air in a controlled sequence. This sequence is precisely calibrated to match the characteristics of your material. You get better flow while using less air than flow aids that run continuously. 

Unlike vibrators and other mechanical flow aids, AirSweep’s air pulses do not damage vessel walls. You don’t even have to deal with any hammering noises – AirSweep releases a quiet hiss that is further muffled by the material in the vessel. You won’t hear a thing!  

But the biggest benefit of AirSweep is that you are guaranteed to get reliable, first-in / first-out flow. Watch these AirSweep videos to see it in action. 

AirSweep vs. Liquid Cheese

If you’ve ever tried to grate mozzarella, you know how cheese can get sticky and difficult to handle. 

Imagine trying to handle an entire hopper full of melted, gooey cheese. 

Other flow aids clearly won’t work. Fluidizers can’t activate such a heavy solid, air cannons will leave cheese residue on the vessel walls, and vibrators will only make the cheese more compact. 

Who moved the cheese? AirSweep. You can also read another success story of AirSweep in the cheese industry, and how it improved the material handling of whey protein concentrate.

AirSweep vs. Chopped Tobacco

Chips, fibers, flakes, and shavings are irregularly shaped and have a tendency to clump together. That’s why shredded paper makes great packing material – the individual strands form a nest that protects precious cargo. But it can be a headache if you’re trying to process these materials in your plant.

Once again, AirSweep proves that it’s the best way to improve material handling. It isn’t just used in the tobacco industry. Its particular effectiveness for fibers and flakes makes it a popular choice for the paper and construction industries, or any plant that uses recycled materials.

AirSweep vs. Damp, Compacted Fish Powder

Many processes involve mixing powders and liquids, resulting in a very dense solution that can become compact during handling or prolonged storage. Most flow aids won’t be able to move this sticky paste very efficiently – which is why most plants will need to shut down operations to get workers to clear out the vessels.

Skip the downtime, the hammering noises, and the hassle of having to clean your vessels by hand. AirSweep works even on damp, dense solids. Just turn it on, and walk away to focus on other parts of the plant.

AirSweep vs. Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is a sluggish powder that is prone to packing and sticking to vessel surfaces. It can clog hoppers, build up inside convey lines and filter bags, and cake in filter bags and cartridges.

There are many powders that exhibit similar properties, like carbon black, acetaminophen, and titanium dioxide just to name a few. But AirSweep helped companies move those materials, just like it moves the calcium carbonate in this video.

AirSweep vs. Cement Mix

While the standard AirSweep releases air pulses in 360-degrees (ideal for silos, hoppers, and other similarly-shaped vessels), the AirSweep straight shooter releases air in a vertical column (ideal for chutes, ducts or specific hard-to-reach areas like pipe elbows).  

That’s why many cement and mining/mined materials companies use AirSweep to move materials across different stages of the process.

How to improve material handling of tough materials

At AirSweep, we like to say that ‘the proof is in the flow.” We are trusted by the world’s biggest companies because of our proven effectiveness for all types of materials. We also offer a money-back guarantee and the longest warranty in the industry – which shows our confidence in our technology, and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Contact us to find out more about AirSweep or get a customized proposal for your process.

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