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AirSweep launches new and improved bulk material handling equipment

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For decades, half of S&P 500 companies and thousands of SMEs across the globe have used AirSweep to prevent bridging, ratholing and other material build-up. Now AirSweep has gotten even better.

On May 7, 2024 Control Concepts, Inc. rolled out the AirSweep MAX (short for Material Activation Xcellence). It further improves the AirSweep technology to deliver more power and energy efficiency. Laboratory tests found that it delivers up to 52% better performance than its predecessor.

“Our original AirSweep was already in a product class of its own,” said Eric Esselstyn, Director of Sales at Control Concepts. “When  fluidizers and industrial vibrators failed, AirSweep could lift and sweep even the stickiest materials into the flow stream without damaging the vessel.” With the new, patented improvements, the AirSweep MAX is poised to become the most powerful and cost-efficient flow aid. Companies can get faster, first in/first out flow with zero manual intervention and less maintenance costs.   


Patented design provides more power per pulse

The new AirSweep MAX has 20 patented improvements and six proprietary parts.

This patented design creates more powerful air pulses and a more free-flowing air stream. It can move more material or speed up material flow with the same amount of energy.

Lab tests proved that AirSweep max had 52% more output and pressure 31% more air output than the original AirSweep. For factories or plants that move massive amounts of material each day, this can significantly improve productivity or shorten vessel cleaning times.

Other plants that seek to lower operating costs can also use this technology to lower the operating pressure. They will use less plant air and energy, but still be able to move the same amount of material.

Designed for durability

AirSweep MAX uses aerospace-grade design specs – the highest standard for quality and durability. Each unit is also made and hand-assembled in the United States, following strict quality control standards.

“You can’t copy quality and durability,” said Henry Tiffany, President of Control Concepts, Inc.  “We already know how well the original AirSweep works, and now it’s even better performance for the same cost? The MAX will be the last flow aid our customers will ever need.”

Like the original AirSweep, the AirSweep MAX requires preventative maintenance every one million cycles. Control Concepts Inc. also provides a seven-year warranty, the longest in the business.

Easy installation and integration

AirSweep MAX is compatible with the original AirSweep system, so it’s very convenient to upgrade your unit. It is also incredibly easy to install. Workers don’t need special tools or training – anyone can do it. This also makes it ideal for quick field service and assembly.

MAXimize your material flow today

Learn more about AirSweep MAX and how it can help improve your process. Contact us for more information or a custom proposal for your process and material.