Sweet Success: AcoustiClean Improves Loading Time

AcoustiClean® keeps the sugar flowing for international distributor

For many years, a major distributor of granulated sugar with multiple locations across the United States had issues with unloading granulated sugar from railcars.

A major distributor of granulated sugar used AcoustiClean to save time and money by speeding up load-out times.


The sugar would not consistently flow from the hopper cars. Vibratory devices were tried without success. Operators had no choice but to enter the car or do rodding. This affected loading times and worker safety.


AcoustiClean® Model ACL 17220 sonic horn was added to the railcar’s top access hatch. Once the railcar reaches the discharge terminal, all the operators need to do is open the hatch and the discharge gate below the car. The AcoustiClean® focuses sound energy on the sugar, pushing the material in a fast, steady flow.

AcoustiClean® was set at a sound frequency of220 Hz, pulsed for 8 seconds at 5 minute intervals.


AcoustiClean helped save time and money, because of the faster load-out times. The sugar distributor has purchased more sonic horns, and plans to install them in other facilities.

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