Dazic Prevents a Dangerous Dust

Global tire manufacturer installs DAZIC to meet plant safety standards

Carbon black is used in the production of rubber tires to improve durability and performance. However, OSHA classifies it as a combustible dust, and requires companies to prevent it from accumulating.

One of the world’s largest tire manufacturers uses DAZIC® zero speed switches to meet plant safety standards.



If equipment malfunctions and causes a carbon black spill, it creates a dangerous plant environment. Finely dispersed particles can form explosive mixtures in the air and cause flash fires. It also causes coughing, breathing problems, and skin or eye irritations.

Since carbon black doesn’t dissolve in water and solvents, clean-up is long and difficult. This prolongs worker exposure, and stalls production for days.


The tire manufacturer installed DAZIC zero speed switches to signal the operator if equipment stops or runs too fast—preventing material flooding and spills.


With DAZIC in place, there have been no incidents of material pile-up. It was a reliable and affordable solution—and thanks to the DAZIC customer service, was very simple to implement. “They have been very responsive to the process needs of our factory.”