Coffee Brands Choose AirSweep Over Fluidizers

Leading global food manufacturer gets free-flowing coffee and improves plant safety too

Food and beverage manufacturer JM Smucker has two coffee brands: Cafe Bustelo and Folgers. Coffee is a hygroscopic material that attracts moisture and has a tendency to clump.

Coffee brands choose AirSweep over Fluidizers


Large clumps of coffee would build up in the baghouses in the filtration system. Technicians had to climb into the baghouses to break up the clumps, which was a safety concern.

They were considering different flow aids when a colleague from a Folgers plant sent them a video about AirSweep versus fluidizers.

The video compared how much material a single AirSweep unit could activate. They realized that AirSweep had more power than several fluidizers combined. The AirSweep would also pulse every 30 minutes, while the fluidizers would pulse every few minutes – which eventually translated to more energy efficiency and savings.


They installed a customized AirSweep system with four units strategically located to prevent or break up any clumps of material. Installation was easy too: both technical and sales support helped them with any questions and concerns, so they had no delays with implementation.


AirSweep solved all flow concerns quickly and conveniently. They can control the system’s frequency and they never have to send someone to manually clear the blocks. They have recommended the system to other plants with baghouses. “AirSweep is the way to go.”