New Product: Announcing the ROTOGUARD® IV Speed Switches


Control Concepts, Inc. announced today the new RotoGuard® IV speed switches, an electronic speed switch device for sensing the reduction, increase, or loss in rotational motion associated with many types of moving equipment.

The RotoGuard IV is designed with an optical encoder and multi-toothed interrupter wheel to transform the rotation of the input shaft to voltage pulses. The unit can detect changes in motion between 1 and 400 RPM and provide a change of state, or alarm, when a variation in operating speed occurs. The RotoGuard IV may be directly coupled to another shaft or driven with a belt or chain.

“If one machine malfunctions, the RotoGuard switches can shut off the system to prevent further damage and delays that can cost thousands or even millions of dollars,” said Henry Tiffany III, president of Control Concepts, Inc.

The new RotoGuard IV features:

  • Solid state electronics
  • Universal Voltage Input
  • Startup delay (0-120 seconds)
  • Alarm delay (0-60 seconds)
  • Models available with NEMA 4/5 Rating (weatherproof and dust tight) or NEMA 7/9 Rating (Explosion Proof [EP models cannot exceed 100 RPM.])
  • UL Listed
  • Made in the USA

The RotoGuard® IV is available in four models ranging in price from $700 – $900. With a warranty of three years, these speed switches have one of the longest guarantees in the industry. See more about the new product here.

About Us:

Since 1951, Control Concepts Inc. has helped solve material flow issues in plants around the world. We have tens of thousands of systems installed worldwide, and clients that include both S&P companies and SMEs. Our patented technologies are used in every industry because they are reliable, cost-effective, and have an amazing track record. We also have the longest warranties in the industry.

When you install a Control Concepts product, you can walk away and focus on other parts of the plant. Our AirSweep® bulk material activation system ensures on-demand material flow, AcoustiClean® Sonic Horns replaces manual material clearing, and DAZIC® and RotoGuard® Speed Switches prevent expensive equipment pileup.

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