USDA-Accepted AirSweep: The “Cleaner” Flow Aid

Man inspecting material flow

Several industries need to use sanitary processes to comply with safety standards. This includes food and beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetics.

The USDA and FDA requires these industries to use hygienically designed equipment. According to Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (IMPO) magazine, this means they are:

  • Cleanable and hygienically compatible with other plant systems
  • Made of materials compatible with cleaning solutions
  • Accessible for maintenance, cleaning, and inspection
  • Free of recesses, corrosion, or areas that could collect product or liquid
  • Able to facilitate validation and other sanitary protocols

Best flow aid for sanitary processes

The USDA- Accepted AirSweep is a powerful material flow aid especially designed for sanitary applications. It releases powerful air pulses that break material blocks, bridging, and ratholing. The unique sweeping action can even result in the vessel being flushed completely clean. Watch how it works:

Prevents spoilage and cross-contamination

Since AirSweep prevents stagnant material, plants avoid two of the biggest problems of sanitary manufacturing: spoilage and cross-contamination.

In fact, one of the world’s largest infant formula manufacturers uses the AirSweep USDA 135 and Straight Shooter models to break material blocks during production, and then clean the vessels between batch runs of regular and lactose-free formulas.

Works on all materials

The powerful air pulses can work on any material, including the sticky liquids or hygroscopic powders that are often used to make food, beverages, medicines, and cosmetics.

Many AirSweep customers used other flow aids like vibrators, fluidizers, and bin aerators, but still had to hammer the vessel to clear out material blocks. A US chocolate manufacturer said workers who scraped the vessel often bathed in big spills of cocoa powder. “They looked like giant cocoa puffs.”

AirSweep solved the problem. “It has a stronger air pulse than the bin aerators or fluidizers we previously installed. The air moves the powder down in a very large column so powder doesn’t stick to the walls,” said the coatings manager, Bob Wieland.

Airtight, minimal contact design

Only the nozzle tip has direct contact with the material. For each pulse, it opens for just 1/8” for ¼ seconds before snapping shut—for zero material feedback. The airtight design also guards against material retention and bacterial growth.

Easy to remove and clean

The AirSweep USDA-accepted models have flanged connections for quick installation or removal from mounting. It can be removed and disassembled with simple hand tools.

Can be used with corrosive cleaning materials

The stainless steel finish does not corrode or rust and can be safely cleaned with even the most potent disinfectants and chemicals.

Solve material blocks and meet safety standards. Contact us to find out more about AirSweep USDA-accepted models.

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