mining equipment flowing mined materials

Improve Mining Equipment Safety and Efficiency With DAZIC

The mining and materials processing industry uses various tools and equipment to extract, process, and handle mined materials. These machines can carry from a hundred to over a thousand tons of material in one load. It speeds up the process—but also has risks. Any equipment malfunction or abnormal change in speed could cause a material […]

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food in a factory flowing into a vessel ensuring material handling efficiency

How to Improve Material Handling Efficiency in the Food Industry

The food industry follows strict industry and government regulations for quality control and product safety. If your business fails to comply, you could face stiff fines and penalties and suspension of license. In cases when authorities feel that there’s a risk to consumer health, you may be required to recall all your products at your […]

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bulk material processing in a factory

The Role of Flow Aids in Bulk Material Processing

Bulk material processing is a critical aspect of many industries, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and construction. However, many materials—powders, granules, and pellets—have challenging flow characteristics that can slow down processing operations. Flow aids can overcome these challenges to improve productivity and overall efficiency. Common flow challenges in bulk material processing A material’s physical properties can […]

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technician factory machine maintenance working wrench

How to Prevent the Most Common Causes of Machine Downtime

Unplanned machine downtime can disrupt operations, cause unnecessary costs and affect downstream processes. Find out about the most common causes of machine downtime, its effect on your revenue, and proactive strategies that can improve equipment efficiency and reliability. Mechanical Failures Mechanical failures can include issues such as component breakdowns, wear and tear, malfunctioning parts, or […]

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grains cereal being delivered

Pneumatic Flow Aids: Benefits and Comparisons

Many production facilities have problems with poor material flow. Powders or other bulk materials cake on the hopper or bin walls and block the vessel outlet. But instead of reaching for the nearest hammer, many are now turning to more powerful, automated solutions—like pneumatic flow aids. What are pneumatic flow aids? Pneumatic flow aids are […]

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industrial factory employee smiling while working

5 Ways AirSweep Boosts Productivity and Streamlines Operations

Efficient material flow has a huge impact on productivity, costs, and even plant safety. Companies can lose thousands of dollars a day because they had to stop operations to clear out a clogged silo or hopper. They may even have to throw out contaminated material or pull workers from other tasks to hammer away at […]

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factory improving their bulk material handling efficiency

What is Bulk Material Handling Efficiency?

In all industries, the efficient movement and storage of materials play a vital role in smooth operations and increased productivity. If the material flow stops, so does production—and every delay incurs costs and risks. This is where bulk material handling comes into play. This field of engineering looks at the fundamental principles of managing tons […]

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silver feed hopper on chicken farm

How to Prevent Material Blocks in Common Vessels Used in Material Handling

All industrial and manufacturing processes will use storage silos and hoppers and other vessels to hold material before it is sent to the next stage of production. Ideally, these are designed to prevent spoilage and contamination and allow easy maintenance and access. However, there is another important factor: material flow. During storage or transfer, materials […]

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bulk product moving through a vessel

5 Reasons Why AirSweep is Effective for Bulk Product Handling

All industrial processes use bulk product handling equipment. Some are used to transport and supply materials to processing units. Others perform more specific functions like blending, compacting, flushing, grinding, etc. Flow aids are used to improve the material flow of bulk materials. They perform an important function because when materials don’t flow properly, the entire […]

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Chocolate factory during production

5 Problematic Materials that AirSweep Can Handle

Most industries need heavy material handling equipment to move raw materials to warehouses and production facilities. However, the problem doesn’t end there. How do they ensure material flow during the process? Many bulk powders and solids develop flow problems once they are poured into silos, hoppers, or chutes. They can form bridging and ratholing that […]

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