material bridging inside of hopper

What Causes Material Bridging in Hoppers and How AirSweep Can Help

Material bridging in a hopper can slow down production and reduce bulk storage space. The stagnant material can spoil or become contaminated, and workers have to clear the vessel and throw out compromised batches. What is material bridging? Bridging is the material block that forms above the discharge outlet of a hopper, silo, or any […]

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bulk material

Solve Common Problems When Handling Bulk Materials

Every industry uses dry bulk materials—whether it be chemical powders, pellets, flakes, mined minerals, raw materials, food, additives, stabilizers, or preservatives. Each of these materials has its own properties that can affect how they behave while being stored, transported, or processed. And when you’re dealing with tons of materials, the stakes become higher. Any problems […]

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Bulk material flowing through a vessel

AirSweep Solves Biggest Bulk Material Processing Challenges

Reliable material flow is critical for efficient bulk material processing. Material blocks slow down production and waste time and money. Stagnant material can also be contaminated or affect batch consistency. So, the biggest challenge of bulk material processing is to achieve on-demand, first-in/first-out material flow. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Why is it […]

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Benefits of AcoustiClean Sonic Horns

AcoustiClean Sonic Horns provide several material flow benefits that plant managers need. AcoustiClean Sonic Horns produce high-energy, low-frequency sound vibrations that disperse dry material. It can help clean vessels and equipment like silos, hoppers, heaters, and fans to minimize downtime and material build-up. Sonic horns are often used in industries like cement, petrochemical, and power […]

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Top 5 Bulk Material Flow Aids Ebook Cover

The Top 5 Bulk Material Flow Aids Ebook

  If you already have a material flow aid, are you happy with it? Our ebook, The Top 5 Bulk Material Flow Aids: Pros, Cons, and Calculating ROI, is a must-read if you are struggling with your current flow aid and need to find a solution that works for you. This ebook covers: Pros and […]

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Fluidizer on a silo graphic

Why is AirSweep Better than a Fluidizer?

Fluidizers are one of the most common material flow aids. They are cheap, easy to find, and often come pre-installed in vessels. But are they really effective? Turns out they are not. In this article, we cover why AirSweep is better than a fluidizer. Fluidizers activate material with a combination of gentle aeration and vibration. […]

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Material on conveyer belt

AirSweep Straight Shooter FAQs

AirSweep is one of the most powerful pneumatic flow aids in the industry. It can solve tough flow problems that even fluidizers, vibrators, and air cannons cannot. The secret of AirSweep lies in its nozzle. It directs high-pressure, high volume, bursts of compressed air or inert gas along the inside walls of process equipment or […]

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Man inspecting material flow

USDA-Accepted AirSweep: The “Cleaner” Flow Aid

Several industries need to use sanitary processes to comply with safety standards. This includes food and beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetics. The USDA and FDA requires these industries to use hygienically designed equipment. According to Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations (IMPO) magazine, this means they are: Cleanable and hygienically compatible with other […]

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AirSweep VA-06 TRI-TRI Unit

AirSweep Material Activation: More Powerful Than a Dozen Fluidizers – and Here’s Why

An aviation company that deices planes and runways uses pellets that are made of salt, binder, and other additives. Unfortunately, these materials are hygroscopic and have a tendency to clump and harden. The maintenance supervisor considered many different flow aids, but once he saw its description of “gentle vibration” he knew it wouldn’t work. “We […]

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Engineer climbing ladder to solve material flow

3 Safety Hazards Caused by Bridging, Ratholing, and Poor Material Flow

Poor material flow doesn’t just affect productivity. It may lead to injury and hazardous plant environments, and compromise product safety. Using an efficient flow aid, like AirSweep, can help protect the safety of your workers and your customers, and ensures that your company complies with industry regulations. Fire hazards A cheese company uses whey protein […]

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