a pile of raw material in a paper mill factory

How Different Industries Use AirSweep for Bulk Material Processing

AirSweep is a versatile flow aid that can be used in any industry that requires bulk material processing. It can activate the most challenging material, including sticky pastes, heavy pebbles and mined materials, or rock-hard clumps of powders. How does AirSweep work? AirSweep is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve bulk material processing. […]

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safety workplace with yellow out of service tag

How Does AirSweep Prevent Machine Downtime?

Machine downtime is one of the most common and expensive problems in industrial or manufacturing facilities. According to a Forbes report, companies experience 800 hours of downtime per year, or more than 15 hours a week. That has a huge impact on revenue. For example, an automotive manufacturer loses about $22,000 for every minute of […]

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grain elevator loading truck for transportation

4 Types of Material Handling Equipment that Improve Factory Efficiency

Material handling equipment can help store, move, and process large volumes of material. It increases production speed and helps prevent some risks of manual processes: injury, human error, or exposure to chemicals and hazardous materials. There are many types of material handling equipment, and some machines are even customized for particular processes. However, these can […]

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Material flowing from a hopper

Where Can You Install an AirSweep?

AirSweep pneumatic flow aid systems are used in thousands of plants around the world. Aside from improving material flow, one of its biggest benefits is its simple and fast installation. You do not need special tools or skills to attach the nozzle, and you can use the system on any storage silos and hoppers, chutes, […]

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Bulk solids handling equipment moving material

5 Common Bulk Solids Handling Equipment

Bulk solids material handling equipment are used to store, move, and process raw materials and products. They speed up production and ensure that bulk materials can be handled in a safe and sanitary way. The first bulk solids material handling equipment dates back to 1795: a primitive conveyor belt made of leather and a wooden […]

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Rising costs of poor material handling

The Hidden Cost of Poor Material Handling

Any industry that handles powder or bulk solids will experience a flow problem at some point in the process. However, poor material handling doesn’t just clog up a vessel, it can lower productivity, increase costs, and affect product quality. Poor material handling costs accumulate across different aspects of production. Here’s a list of how material […]

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Conveyor belt in a plant

The Importance of a Conveyor Belt Speed Sensor in Production Facilities

People use many safety devices in their homes to protect their safety and prolong the life of their appliances: fire alarms, burglar alarms, voltage regulators, and circuit breakers. But many production facilities simply assume that material spills won’t happen, or its hazards or costs. What if a conveyor belt suddenly fails and causes tons of […]

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Hammer trying to solve material flow problems

AirSweep vs Pneumatic Knocker

The oldest flow aid in the world is the hammer. People would hit their storage vessels to dislodge stuck material. It wasn’t very effective (or sanitary) because there would always be a little material left. A pneumatic knocker is essentially an automated hammer. Compressed air pushes a piston against the vessel wall. But even if […]

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Material in a hopper

How Does AirSweep Improve Material Handling Efficiency?

The biggest challenge of any factory or plant is material handling efficiency. How can you move massive amounts of material and prevent spoilage and waste? How do you get material to flow properly when it’s mixed and processed? How can you prevent material blocks that can stop production? The reason material handling efficiency is so […]

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Material bridging in a hopper

How to Choose the Right Flow Aid for Your Material

Flow aids can help clear material bridging in hoppers or any other storage bin, chute, or conveyor. They are relatively inexpensive, and can actually “pay for themselves” because of the increase in productivity. It’s important to get the right flow aid for your material. The wrong flow aid may not be able to activate the […]

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