DAZIC Zero Speed Switches Prevents Tons of Problems

What would happen if your conveyor system suddenly malfunctioned, and dumped all of your material on the ground? How long would it take you to clean it up?

A cement manufacturer whose feeder loads up to 250 tons of gravel per hour knows that if a machine fails, any delay in response time means hours of backbreaking cleanup. Even just a 10-minute delay could result in 30 hours of downtime.

DAZIC Zero Speed Switches can help prevent material pileup and detect machine failure saving you time and money.

DAZIC Barnes Concrete case study infographic


The cement manufacturer used DAZIC to prevent tons of problems.  Their DAZIC solution costs less than $1,000 and hasn’t failed them once in the last decade. Read their story – and reach out to us if you’d like to have one installed in your plant.

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