AirSweep Straight Shooter FAQs

Material on conveyer belt

AirSweep is one of the most powerful pneumatic flow aids in the industry. It can solve tough flow problems that even fluidizers, vibrators, and air cannons cannot.

The secret of AirSweep lies in its nozzle. It directs high-pressure, high volume, bursts of compressed air or inert gas along the inside walls of process equipment or vessels. The air pulses break the friction between the wall and the material to lift and sweep stalled material back into the flow stream.

The standard AirSweep releases air pulses at 360 degrees. This is typically used on hoppers, silos, mixers, and other process equipment with wide surface areas. However, there are applications that require air pulses to flow in a vertical column. For that, you can use the AirSweep Straight Shooter.

What is the AirSweep Straight Shooter?

The Straight Shooter model releases the pulse in a straight column. The technology and the performance quality are exactly the same. The nozzle has just been modified to concentrate the air pulses in one direction. Watch the demo:

How can the AirSweep Straight Shooter be used?

The “fire hose” effect of the air pulse makes these mini-blasters perfect for larger-sized pieces of material or for areas where the standard AirSweep cannot be mounted, such as inaccessible walls.

It can also be installed on chutes and ducts to push heavy material like cement or crushed ceramic tiles, or to flush vessels completely clean between batch runs. Some clients have used it to blow metallic brake dust off of mixer paddles (inside the mixer), and blow off flour and crumbs in a bakery application. Because they instantly reseal, these units can even be mounted inside the vessel to blast away areas of buildup.

Units can be easily mounted to blast in any direction using standard pipe elbows or fittings.

What is the AirSweep Straight Shooter’s activation range?

All AirSweep models and sizes are available as a Straight Shooter. The AirSweep team can select the right model for your application.

  • VA-06. 12″ to 18″ range (305 to 460 mm)
  • VA-12. 24″ to 30″ range (610 to 760 mm)
  • VA-51. 30″ to 36″ range (765 to 915 mm)

Like other AirSweep models, it is ATEX-certified as safe for hazardous environments. There are also USDA-accepted Straight Shooter models for sanitary applications.

Should I get a standard AirSweep or a Straight Shooter?

Paul the AirSweep guy demonstrates the difference between the standard AirSweep and the Straight Shooter, and how to adjust the position/location and angle of the Straight Shooter to achieve the desired material flow.

You can also contact us and tell us more about your process. We’ll customize a system and recommend the type of AirSweep that will give you the best results.

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