AirSweep in the Mined Materials Industry

AirSweep is used in the mined materials industry. Nearly all manufacturing processes use mineral commodities. The smartphone you use every day (including its display and circuits) is made from at least 14 different mined materials.

Unfortunately, mineral commodities are notoriously difficult to handle. They bridge, arch, and interlock. These material blocks can be as stubborn as a rock—literally.

AirSweep in the Mined Materials Industry

But AirSweep has solved this problem every single time. See it for yourself with the case studies and flow tests on our mined materials industry page. We work better than vibrators, bin activators, and air cannons on heavy materials. If that isn’t enough, AirSweep costs less to operate too!

What’s your toughest, most problematic flow problem? Contact us and we’ll find a way to fix it.

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