AirSweep, DAZIC & AcoustiClean: Integrated Solutions for Bulk Product Handling

bulk material on conveyer

The production process involves several interconnected steps. Any problems in one stage often create a domino effect, causing more delays and incurring more costs. Control Concepts, Inc. offers proven bulk product handling technology that improves plant efficiency and productivity that can be used individually or integrated to reduce downtime, material waste, and safety hazards.

AirSweep for on-demand material flow

Poor material flow can lead to several problems that can affect a plant’s productivity and a company’s bottom line.

  • Lower productivity. When the flow stops, so does the entire production line.
  • Smaller vessel capacity. Stagnant material can reduce the amount of material that can flow in and out of the vessel.
  • Material spoilage and waste. Inconsistent material flow can lead to stagnant and spoiled material or inconsistent batches that need to be thrown away.
  • Worker safety hazards. Workers have to manually clear material from vessels and may be unnecessarily exposed to hazardous materials.

Prevent these problems with AirSweep. It releases powerful air pulses that push material into the flow stream, leading to steady, on-demand flow.

AirSweep is proven effective for materials with challenging flow properties, such as powders that tend to clump or moist and sticky mixes that stick to vessel walls.

Many customers say that AirSweep was the only flow aid that worked for them—they tried fluidizers, vibrators, and air cannons, but still had to manually clear material. But once they installed AirSweep, they never had to worry about material blocks again.

DAZIC for preventing material pile-up

Many processes involve moving tons of material at a time. If any of the equipment malfunctions, that could mean massive spillage—and a mountain of problems.

  • Days of downtime. Equipment must be turned off until the material pile-up is cleared. Workers have to manually clear the material, or sit around and wait until production resumes.
  • Material waste. In some cases, the material is too contaminated to reuse and must be thrown away.
  • Safety hazards. Workers may be exposed to toxic or hazardous materials.

DAZIC zero speed switches can help prevent material pileups and detect machine failure. They are attached to rotating shafts and send an alarm when there is an abnormal change in rotation speed.

DAZIC speed switches are affordable, efficient, and durable. Many clients are still using the switches they installed over a decade ago, and have never had any incidents of material pile-ups.

The speed switches can be installed on any equipment with a rotating shaft, such as rotary valves, bucket elevators, belt and screw conveyors, saw blades, and drive motors.

AcoustiClean for clearing powder build-up

Powder build-up can clog pipes and affect equipment efficiency, and even create potentially flammable environments. Manual cleaning takes too long, and may even be impractical or impossible for some plant set-ups.

AcoustiClean sonic horns can clear powder build-up quickly and easily—and will never damage even fragile equipment. It releases sound vibrations that can disperse particles even in blind spots that mechanical blowers and rapping systems miss.

Integrated solutions for maximum plant efficiency

AirSweep, DAZIC, and AcoustiClean can work together to control material flow, clean residue, and prevent build-up—as seen in this diagram of a co-gen plant.

AirSweep, DAZIC, and AcoustiClean co-gen plant diagram

Find the right bulk product handling system for your needs

Control Concepts, Inc. can customize a bulk product handling system for your particular material, vessel, and process. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and provide you with a customized diagram.

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