3 Myths Customers Have About Installing AirSweep

AirSweep is designed to make installation as painless as possible. Who said that change always had to be hard?

Myth # 1: It requires special tools or a trained crew

When food manufacturing company Bunge installed AirSweep in their new bulk bag filling station, all they had to do was thread the nozzles into the couplings and connect it to their existing compressed air and electrical system. “Any electrician can wire it up. Everything was pretty straightforward and I would absolutely recommend it.”

Myth # 2: Installation will cause downtime

Even a more complex installation process will save you thousands of hours of downtime. One cement company had tried hammers and electric vibrators, but still spent every Monday clearing compacted material from their silos. “AirSweep solved a four-year-old problem in less than two weeks!”


AirSweep testimonial


Myth # 3: It’s a hassle to get a quote

All our customers are very happy with how quickly we respond to queries and work to solve the problem. “From the very beginning, the Control Concepts team has been very responsive. Every quote is accurate, and I never have to ask ‘where is my stuff?’” said the CEO of an aviation services company.

Have any questions about installation? Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain how it works, and address any special concerns you or your customers may have about materials and processes.


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